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Declan 2W0KYH

Official Mascot

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Declan’s *HAM* Mascot Adventures - December 2018KC2GA.jpg

I was appointed *HAM* Mascot on Wednesday 5th December, 2018. It is a very heavy honour upon me to be the mascot of an Australian conference, being from Wales. However, I do take it upon myself to update you on everything I have done since the 5th December all the way to the 31st December.

So I would like to mention about the Youth nets on *YACHT* at 8pm EST on Saturday/ 1am UK time on Sunday every week. I, myself always tune in to those nets as a sign of dedication. And what’s more is that during the nets, *HAM* is linked up to the net! As many may be wondering “What does YACHT stand for?”, or “I know what YACHT is, but what is your YACHT number?” I will answer both questions. YACHT stands for Young Amateur Communications Ham Team, and my YACHT number is 220.

The QSL card in the top right is Gary KC2GA’s QSL card to me because I checked in on the SCARS net on the time he was net control. Speaking of net control, I have proposed a YACHT net with myself (MW6SZL) as net control instead of the normal net control Ed KG8CX, taking place in January or February.

I had an early Christmas present shared with Dave GW8SZL on the 19th December, which was an RT4 and an Inrico TM7 Plus from my mam who is not licensed.

On a weekend in December (around beginning to mid-December), my parents took me to our local McDonald’s to have a McBreakfast (no pun intended) when I ordered my pancakes as usual. But when I asked for more pancakes, I asked for 3 pancakes (because 3 in 1 box) but got an extra 2 pancake boxes. I meant to buy 1 but instead bought 3. To even my own shock (and maybe yours too) I finished them all (took 2 boxes home to eat and ate 2 at McDonalds[Don’t forget the other one, so that makes it 2])! So I had a total of 12 pancakes instead of my expected 6. Crazy, right?

On the 21st December was not only my last day before Christmas break, but something special happened that evening, too! So, I got picked up from school. I didn’t go back to my own house, but I stayed at my friend Freya’s house for a few hours. I got picked up by Dad at 7:30pm GMT, making it so I had stayed at Freya’s house for about 4 ¾ hours. We had a lot of fun together that evening. To mention, at school Freya is in class 3/4B (year 3 child, joined 2018/19) and I am in class 6W (6P). (year 6, joined 2014/15 [in year 2])

Freya and I go to the same school (St Woolos Primary School)

On Christmas Eve, we took presents to give to our family to Swansea to give them our presents, and we opened ours from our family because we wouldn’t see them on Christmas Day, and got home from Swansea at about 6pm GMT. But I stayed downstairs helping Dave to wrap Mam’s presents until 9:15pm.

On Christmas Day, we opened our Christmas presents. Here are a few of my favourite presents by name:

Kiwi (animal plush/teddy), PS4 Pro with Minecraft, FIFA 19 and Burnout Paradise, Hot Wheels cars and sets, Guinness World Record book 2019, sweets, etc.

Here is a picture of me and my Kiwi teddy/plush:

Special thanks to Terry ZL4CEL, Fred and Teasel for sending it to me all the way from New Zealand!

Thank you for reading this.

From the keyboard of Declan MW6SZL.